Shannon Landrie-Crossland

Shannon is the daughter of Gail Trottier and Dennis Landrie and the descendants of Charles Trottier (Ursule Laframboise), Antoine Trottier (Angelique Laframboise) and Moise Landry (Philomene Laframboise) of The Trottier Hunting Brigade. Her family connection is deeply rooted in the lands of the Round Prairie Settlement and extends as far back as the 1850s. Her family names of Landrie, Trottier, and Caron are present in all three land use occupational periods within Round Prairie: Overwintering, Homesteading, and Current.

Shannon was previously employed as an Indigenous Engagement Specialist with X-Terra Environmental Services Ltd. She has nine years direct experience working within federal and provincial (Alberta/Saskatchewan) consultation processes, protocols and legislation through a First Nation, Proponent, Government, and Métis perspective. Prior to her increased involvement in First Nation Consultation, she worked in the forest protection sector from 2002 to 2012. She worked in various roles/levels as an Indigenous Wildland Firefighter contractor and as a seasonal Alberta/Saskatchewan government employee.

As the X-Terra Indigenous Engagement Specialist, she worked with Indigenous communities, industry proponents, and government ministries to develop and maintain positive and meaningful relationships. She worked directly with First Nation communities to process and respond to federal and provincial consultation activities. Shannon also managed the Indigenous Engagement Branch Program and the Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources (BEAHR) program as Manager and Instructor. In her role as the Indigenous Branch Program Manager, she developed, implemented, and continuously monitored the X-Terra Indigenous mentoring programs, which included three Indigenous positions: Technician, Monitor, and Laborer. As a BEAHR Instructor, she designed, developed, and implemented the BEAHR training courses to fit the needs of the communities she was working in.

Shannon joined the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan (MN-S) team in June 2020 as its Duty to Consult Liaison Officer. She is currently working on developing a Duty to Consult (DTC) program to support MN-S at the provincial, regional, and local level in their participation with federal and provincial consultation activities. She is also developing DTC training programs for DTC staff, MN-S staff, Métis citizens and the public.