Red River Métis Community-Based Monitoring Program


The Red River Métis have always been deeply connected to the lands and waters within the National Homeland – working closely with, and relying heavily on, natural resources for livelihood, sustenance, and the ability to practice their traditional Red River Métis culture.

The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) – the National Government of the Red River Métis, recognizes the importance of protecting and conserving the traditional territory and beyond, for us and future generations to come. The MMF has had the unique opportunity to bridge the generational divide between the traditional practices of Red River Métis Elders and the adaptive and innovative perspectives of Red River Métis Youth to ensure that together, the Red River Métis rights are upheld, and that the environment is protected.

About the Project

The Métis Community-Based Monitoring Program integrates western science with Traditional Knowledge, to collect and monitor climate and environmental changes across the National Homeland. With Red River Métis Citizen Scientists as the primary data collectors, the MMF provides training and equipment for various kinds of environmental monitoring, to ensure capacity building within the Regions and knowledge sharing opportunities for Red River Métis Citizens. Current programming under the Métis Community-Based Monitoring Network include the Wetland Monitoring Program, Waterway Monitoring Program, and Winter Monitoring Program.

The MMF Weather Keepers Initiative is also included within the Métis Community-Based Monitoring Program, which provides Red River Métis Citizens the opportunity to maintain an Automated Meteorological Station on their property that provides real-time climate data for their Local.

If you are an interested Red River Métis Citizen, please contact